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Developing partnership agreements

Many partnerships develop agreements for how they will work. These agreements can be informal or formal although a large study of US community-based research partnerships found that having a formal agreement was a promising practice that is associated with better resource and power sharing in particular (Oetzel et al, 2018). Agreements can include a variety of features and partnerships need to review what features matter to them. There are a variety of ways and approaches to develop agreements. The downloadable file considers a variety of features for formal agreements.

Source: Oetzel JG, Duran B, Sussman A, Pearson C, Magarati M, Khodyakov D, Wallerstein N. Evaluation of CBPR partnerships and outcomes: lesson and tools from the Research for Improved Health Study. In: Wallerstein N, Duran B, Oetzel JG, & Minkler M. editors. Community-based participatory research for health: advancing social and health equity, 3rd edition. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass; 2018. p. 385-392.

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