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How will we engage?

This question addresses the manner in which a partnership can engage. The process by which we work together is key for developing and maintaining trust and synergy. There are several resources in this section to provide the foundation for a good process and also ensuring the process continues to work effectively.

HPW Visioning tool

One approach for developing a process is to engage in a visioning exercise to identify what the partnership should look like. This tool provides an introduction and steps for developing a vision.


Creating values and principles

All partnerships are grounded in a set of values and principles although we don’t always articulate them and thus we aren’t sure if we share the same values and principles. This resource provides some key values and principles that ground effective community engagement and collaborative processes. These can be useful for starting a conversation about the key principles by which your partnership operates.

Reflexive dialogue and critical self-reflection

Reflexive dialogue is a key way to ensure that the partnership follows the HPW framework and also maintains and effective process. There are many challenges and power issues that result during the development and implementation of health interventions and reflexivity helps to address these issues and improve the partnership process. We offer two approaches to guide reflexive dialogue: a) River of Life and b) Critical self-reflection. The use of evaluation tools can also guide reflexive dialogue and that is discussed in another section.


Developing partnership agreements

Partnerships are often aware of agreements for how to share resources and for scope of work. However, agreements can include a variety of aspects about partnering includes who owns the data, how we resolve conflicts, and strategies for disseminating the research. This resource provides some suggestions for creating a partnership agreement.

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