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Who will we work with?

This question addresses who should be a part of the project—this includes partners we work directly with and stakeholders who have a say or influence on what we are doing. When we work with communities, we need to select representatives. The resources in this section consider who represents the community and how we should approach potential partners.

Stakeholder analysis guide

We often engage a variety of stakeholders prior to forming a partnership. We can hold a series of meetings (hui) that explore the issues and the interests in addressing the issues. This resource provides a set of guidelines for how to analyse and engage stakeholders.

Ensuring partnership represents the community

We are often asked by people who engage with communities, “how do we ensure our partnership represents the community?” This resource provides questions and issues for answering this question.

How to approach community members and organisations

Building a trusting relationships is key to effective partnership. Supporting co-design throughout your process is imperative. These resources provide some tips for starting and keeping the relationship on the right track.

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