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How can we evaluate and reflect on what we are doing?

Evaluation Tools

Evaluation is a key part of ensuring that the work if following HPW principles and also having the desired impact. This question addresses how we can do this evaluation effectively. The tools in this section help to evaluate process and outcomes.


Stakeholder Hui Evaluation

We often engage a variety of stakeholders prior to forming a partnership. We can hold a series of meetings (hui) that explore the issues and the interests in addressing the issues. The stakeholder hui evaluation tool provides a series of questions to determine the effectiveness of the meeting for moving the partnership forward. The downloads include the evaluation form and also instructions for using it.


HPW Process Evaluation Framework

Once a partnership has been formed, it is important to conduct regular evaluations of the process to ensure it is staying true to its principles. The HPW process evaluation tool provides a set of questions organised around the key principles. The responses provides feedback what is working and what might need to be improved. This tool can be useful for reflexivity as well. The downloads include the evaluation form and also instructions for using it.


Outcome Evaluation 

We all want to know whether our health intervention produced desirable outcomes. This evaluation tools provides a series of questions to assess a variety of outcomes. These outcomes reflect a holistic model of health that is relevant for Indigenous communities (e.g., physical, mental, social, and spiritual). It also considers outcomes at multiple levels such as individual, family and community.

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