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The principles for the HPW framework are relatively easy to understand. Enacting the principles is a bit more difficult. This section of the web site is designed to help academics, researchers, community members, clinicians and others put HPW into action by using a checklist that includes five key questions.

How can we evaluate and reflect on what we are doing?

  • HPW process evaluation

  • Process evaluation tool

  • HPW outcome and implementation evaluation framework

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Moving from the Theoretical to Praxis: 
 Understanding the Resource Toolkit

The resource toolkit is designed to help move from the theoretical basis of the HPW framework to the practical implementation of the framework. The foundational principles are important to guide our work and they also can be hard to put into direct practice. This toolkit is organised around a checklist about five core questions to put HPW into practice. They are put into development over time.  


What will we be doing?

  • Viable systems model

  • Soft systems methodology for setting purpose and design

  • Power mapping

How will we engage?

  • Creating values and principles

  • HPW visioning tools

  • Developing partnership agreements

  • Reflexive dialogue and critical self-reflection


Who will we work with?

  • Stakeholder analysis guide

  • Ensuring partnership represents the community

  • How to approach community members and organisations

What's going on?

  • Systems map

  • Readiness to change

  • Partnership capacity measure

  • Health Equity Assessment Tool (HEAT)



Tick off your next task to make sure you're on track and ensuring all partners have equal input.

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