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What will we be doing?

This question addresses the content of the work—the intervention itself. Many times, the intervention is developed to address the key issues and challenges identified. However, health problems are products of complex systems and it is easy to forget about this complexity. The resources provided help to consider the complexity in developing and implementing a sustainable and effective intervention.

Viable systems model

The viable system model sets out the necessary and sufficient conditions required for high performing organisations. The VSM presents a generic model of organisation and can be applied ‘systems’ including teams, organisations, partnerships and communities. We recommend its application for complex public health interventions such as those developed using the He Pikinga Waiora framework.

Soft systems methodology for setting purpose and design

This resource introduces Soft Systems Methodology (SSM). SSM is an approach to address ill-defined problems or problematic situations are ‘messes’. SSM is used to:
1.    Gain insights into problematic situations
2.    Set intervention purposes and develop strategic objectives 
3.    Develop shared understanding about issues and buy-in to actions

Power mapping

Power mapping is being increasingly used by partnerships that wish to shape or change the local, regional and national policies. Power mapping involves the identification of key organisational, community and individual players in the policy making environment. This downloadable resource describes a small group exercise for making and using a power map.

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