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He Pikinga Waiora

Community co-design implementation framework

Welcome to the He Pikinga Waiora web site. This site introduces a framework for the development, implementation and evaluation of health interventions for Indigenous communities. The web site includes the foundational principles of our framework, stories from people who have used it and participated in an intervention guided by it, and a set of resources and guidelines for how to use it in your own project. We hope these resources will prove to be useful for you as you develop interventions to improve health and enhance health equity in your communities. 

The HPW Implementation Framework is a participatory research approach with systems thinking that ensures shared and equitable roles for community members in all phases of implementation and evaluation; it involves co-design; co-data collection, co-implementation, co-evaluation and co-analysis/interpretation.


What is this framework all about?

The He Pikinga Waiora (Enhancing Wellbeing) Implementation Framework (HPW) was developed to facilitate effective and accelerated development and implementation of health intervention for chronic diseases. The framework is centred on Indigenous knowledge, methods, and philosophy (in New Zealand, Kaupapa Māori) and also integrates best practice from the international research: culture centredness, community engagement, systems thinking, and integrated knowledge translation (see Main Principles). 

Meet our community partners

We wanted to share a few of our favourites... organisations who have adapted HPW to their needs and the individuals who have benefited from their programmes. The results have been amazing!

This video has been deleted.

Introducing Chae - our co-design community partner. Hear how she worked on defining the problem with community and developed an intervention that produced results!

"Using this framework takes the guess work out of community co-design and partnership"

Dr Charis Brown

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